Join us at our Kick Off Event @ 11pm July 7th, 2022  where it all happened as we remember Eric Garner, but most importantly carry out his legacy with

11 Days of Action! (See the schedule below for details)


"I can't breathe." These were the words Eric Garner cried 11 times while being choked to death by a NYPD officer. Eric Garner's death ignited a fire--protests and rallies broke out as the community called for justice to be served. His final words became a cry for the movement to end police violence and police brutality.


We Can't Breathe Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with goals to: Provide education through developing and connecting youth to local grassroots programs to improve their mental health, aid in enhancing success skills, and supply access to resources to avoid interaction with policing institutions or oppressive systems, facilitate community discussions by partnering with local institutions and organizations locally and nationally to amplify the voices of the Black community and shed light on the societal, mental, and emotional impacts of police violence Advocate for transformational shift in redefining safety practices and policies. 

We symbolize a statement of resistance to the mental and emotional violence of oppression, and the demand to live free from all harm due to anti-blackness, so that ‘we CAN breathe!’ 

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