We Can’t Breathe Inc.’s mission is to eliminate all forms of police violence and heal traumatic adverse experiences through local and global education, community dialogue, and policy advocacy. 

We demand This Stops Today to advocate for Not One More body lost to police violence and the punitive carceral systems established across the globe. We believe police violence is not a white vs black vs ‘blue’ argument, it is everyone standing against institutional racism collectively. 

We are the Children of the Movement, a youth led and centered justice project building an intergenerational and intersectional movement. We hold the institutions, created to provide safety and enforce the law, accountable to the people as we disrupt the reckless reign of terror in all communities - without recourse - and the over criminalization of marginalized communities. We believe that #BlackMindsMatter and focus on mental health rooted in restorative healing while advocating for policies ‘with teeth’ to meet the needs of every person to live free from fear. 


Our goals include: 

1. Providing education, developing or connecting youth to local grassroots programming aimed at improving mental health, success skills, and resources to avoid contact with any form of systems or policing institution 

2. Facilitating community dialogues in partnership with institutions in the local community, on a national scale, and in solidarity across the globe to amplify the impacts of police violence as a public health concern and call for an ideological shift in defining safety, and


3. Advocating for transformed safety practices and policies 

We Can’t Breathe Inc. originated in 2018 following the 2014 murder of Eric Garner by NYC police officers and subsequent fatal heart attack 3 years later in 2017 of Erica Garner, who was 27 years old when she passed from a literal broken heart. The impact of violence on the Garner family fell heavily on Emerald Snipes-Garner who, at 25 years old, assumed the care-giving responsibility of her young niece and nephew and became a single-parent of three young children. Their bright eyes and the possibilities of a bright future became Emerald’s motivation to alleviate the injustices associated with the significant trauma of police brutality. 

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“We Can’t Breathe” is a statement of collective resistance to the mental and emotional violence of state oppression, and the demand to live free from threat of harm due to anti-blackness, so that ‘we CAN breathe!’ 

● We confidently stand in solidarity with the movement for the liberation of people labeled Black - we are the experts of our own experiences with the solutions to combat the issues facing our communities by disrupting pipelines early with services and support. 

● We are the Children of the Movement who have experienced the loss of our caregivers and stand together to end police brutality and heal from its impacts.


● We are the champions of transformation toward healthy, productive lives for ourselves and future generations.