Meet the Team

Emerald Snipes-Garner, Founder &
Executive Director

Emerald is proud to be a vocal advocate who has worked with activists and legislators across the nation to propose legislation, educate and organize the community. Emerald’s life experience catapulted her into social activism, standing alone outside of the NY Police
Department and declaring that she would never give up following her father and sister’s death. Emerald’s first official organizing position was with the National Action Network under the leadership of Reverend Al Sharpton where she co-chaired all of the National Action Network marches for Eric Garner and Erica Garner in NYC and across the nation.

Emerald is proud to work alongside Senator’s Kirsten Gillibrand and Elizabeth Warren on policing legislation. Additionally, Emerald
maintains a relationship as a lived experience expert with UCLA’s Community Programs Office working to develop effective social change strategies in the inner city Emerald’s advocacy and relationship building skills have helped to advance the mission of

WCB “We Can’t Breathe Inc” by amplifying the need for communities to remain vigilant and focused long after police
violence is no longer a news headline.

JoHanna “J” Thompson, MPA
Director of Development and Fundraising

Contributes over 30 years expertise as an Executive Management Consultant who earned a Master of Public Administration from New York University, Wagner School of Public Service, and an undergraduate degree in psychology from Columbia University. J’s career is dedicated to creating collaborative spaces across an intersection of networks, fostering relationships, and maintaining a vision to increase the capacity of those working toward equitable social and transformational justice until freedom dreams are reality. 


J’s professional expertise is designing social impact strategies and providing technical assistance to develop organizational infrastructure, expand capacity and service delivery. J’s leadership philosophy has been crafted as a result of many miles (MLS) Modeling, Listening, Sharing space (modeling, informing, listening, executing, sharing space). 


The essential qualities brought to the organization include: business acumen, communicating the strategy/message at different levels, building social capital, technical assistance, executive thought leadership, strategic capabilities, big picture perspective, industry knowledge, and change management rooted in origin based knowledge and modalities. J wants to amplify Indigenous methodologies as a tool to shift the pervasive structural racism prevalent in our social, economic and political practices to benefit our most vulnerable community members.